Getting Involved

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You can get involved and contribute to the project in a variety of ways. Most simply you can donate your money, your time, your ideas, energy or enthusiasm.

If you want to contribute time, experience, ideas, or anything else you think might be useful then get in touch and we will work out how you can get involved.

As we build our capacity and programme development, we will advertise specific roles so that people can get more involved in regular formal and informal volunteering.

There is still a great deal to be done with the building though, so ultimately we need money to make it happen.

We are exploring all grant funding opportunities, as well as our own fundraising through events and the sale of t-shirts, but we are also keen to explore commercial sponsorship opportunities so if you think your business could benefit from working with us then please get in touch.

We are also keen that individuals feel able to contribute. We will be creating a Friends scheme in the near future but until the building is in more regular use we really need donations to enable us to make the necessary improvements.

If you wish to donate to the project then you can donate via cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.

Much of the work that we have delivered so far would not have been possible without the generous support of individuals, groups and local businesses. Thank you all so much.

We have not named you here but we will ensure that everyone who has contributed will be properly acknowledged when our full website is developed.

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