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Cold, Cold Blues

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Lizzie Hibber with the Saiichi Sugiyama BandWell known blues guitarist Saiichi Sugiyama and his band braved the cold to play at the JPCCA in early February. With temperatures dropping and snow forecast the term “warming up” took on a new meaning at the JPCCA where sound checks were conducted while wearing overcoats and scarves!  

Back Porch washboard player Mike Rushmore’s hands were so cold that he felt obliged to warn those in the front row to beware of flying thimbles – a warning that proved all too apt, the problem later resolved with gaffer tape!   Suffolk’s best known “skiff” band was in fine form and we certainly hope to see them back on our stage again.

Saiichi Sugiyama’s band first played in Stowmarket at the inaugural StowBlues festival last summer. Well known on the British blues circuit, Sugiyama’s sound is a mix of blues and gospel with a hint of rock played with passion. Singer Lizzie Hibbert’s Gospel style was a joy to listen to but for many it was Saiichi’s own rendition of “Georgia” that sent a tingle down the spine.

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