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Science at the Arts Centre Featured

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The Solar Panel Design“Mad Green Scientists” at the John Peel Centre, is not an obscure punk band, but a project devised by the team behind the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket to help young people understand the importance and challenges to sustainable living, while competing for £500 prize money for their schools.

The Project was the brainchild of Paulín Goonan civil engineer and director of the John Peel Centre. This bright idea brought together the Institute of Civil Engineers, local business’s the Education Business Partnership, and 50 school children from local middle schools.

Working with materials donated from a range of local businesses under the guidance of John Taylor from the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership, students constructed solar hot water collectors that were installed in their respective schools back in February and monitored for their efficiency and performance.

All this outburst of creativity was then displayed and presented to assembled parents teachers and volunteers at the centre on the 20th of June were the winner was announced.

Director Tom Barker said “The students were absolutely brilliant, this project has certainly ignited a spark of creativity in these pupils”

Director and Organiser Paulín Goonan said “ It was wonderful to see so many young people engaging with what needed to be done, none of this would have been possible without the full co operation of the schools, our business partners and sponsors”

Each pupil gained a certificate signed by John Peel’s wife Sheila Ravenscroft.  At the end of the day the winning school was Combs Middle School, whose design incorporated some guttering lined with aluminium foil to focus the sunlight on the tubes, just one example of the ingenuity these students can show given a task to complete using good science and a little madness. 

Click here to read about the workshop in February.

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The Pupils of Combs Middle School

The pupils of Stowmarket Middle School

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