We want to help people to access and participate in cultural activities and events. Our goal is to see more members of the community able to participate in and enjoy the benefits of pursuing their own artistic endeavours and supporting the efforts of others.

As well as providing somewhere for the community to come together we will bring high-quality acts and performances to the area to inspire people and show what can be achieved.

The incorporation of a memorial to John’s career, giving an insight into the life and work of a true pioneer, will add a unique dimension to the facility and be an important part of the legacy we hope to provide.

John Peel was a hugely respected member of the local, national and international communities and always gave support to worthwhile local initiatives. He was renowned for encouraging new music from unlikely sources and for many people he embodied the “punk” ethos of people just doing it for themselves.

John’s wife, Sheila, is Patron of the project and has become increasingly involved and enthusiastic as the project has developed.

Sheila is a key member of the Board and is constantly involved with the working groups. The rest of the board are all members of the local community and will continue to provide their time voluntarily. Volunteers and local community groups will play a big role in events and programme development.

John loved this area and we believe his name, and Sheila’s involvement, will encourage an eclectic programme and non-elitist view of the arts. Our overriding ethos and vision will remain true to these principles and participation will be open to all.


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